The mission of Florida Love is to provide love for people in need, to make a difference, and spread love in the Florida community. We partner with other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to transform the world (with love).

Love will transform the world!!

We strive to make a difference by paying it forward!!

How it started

“Florida Love” was created in December, 2019 by partner companies The Happy Printer and MintPrint LLC.

They decided to turn this company into a nonprofit, so in August, 2020, the non-profit was formed.

Board Members

Kenneth Lerman

Jennifer H. Williamson

Barbara Sacks

Florida Love Interns

A marketing intern whose job consists of posting daily on the Florida Love Facebook and Instagram accounts. The postings vary between donation and charity events hosted by the organization as well as others in the surrounding community. Victoria also likes and follows new friends each day on all Florida Love social media accounts. Her mission is to gain more followers and achieve better visibility on all social media platforms. Victoria loves that she can continue learning new skills while continuing to spread love in the community and the world. Victoria was drawn to Florida Love because of the motto and she also wanted to be apart of an organization who’s mission aligns with her own.

A graphic design intern whose job role consists of creating the content design of organizational identity images, banners, and posters to be posted on Florida Love’s social media platforms. Ceo Tran’s favorite aspect of Florida Love is that he can be apart of an organization that is surrounded by exchanging joy and sharing an abundance of love. Ceo Tran brings exceptional skills of design to the organization, which go above and beyond the organization’s expectations. Ceo Tran brings enthusiasm and love when approaching all tasks presented by the organization.

A marking assistant intern whose job role consists of uploading and managing the Florida Love youtube account, assisting the board members with important tasks, and managing and updating the Florida Love Website. Cameren’s favorite aspect of Florida Love is that the organization is surrounded by love and growth. Cameren was first attracted to Florida Love because of how welcoming the organization is. Cameren has seen personal and professional growth by being involved with Florida Love. Cameren brings exceptional skills of communication, versatility, and advertising knowledge to Florida Love. Cameren always approaches each task with love and dedication.